Tires & rims


Standard vehicle tires cannot meet the requirements of custom trips or demanding terrain. New, more appropriate tires – and sometimes the conversion from twin to single tires – are critical. For this reason we only use tires from premium manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Nokian or Hankook.

The choice of "shoes" for your expedition truck is a question of weight, operating environments, and individual preferences. Basically, a distinction is made between rims with and without lock ring as well as different hole patterns (6-lug, 8-lug, 10-lug). Only smaller and lighter vehicles can get by without a lock ring.

We have listed the most common sizes for you:

without lock ring

  • 385/65R22,5

with lock ring

  • 365/80R20 oder 14.5R20
  • 365/85R20
  • 395/85R20
  • 14.00R20
  • 16.00 R20
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