Rear carriers | roof racks | storage boxes

Rear and motorcycle carriers

Our 4wheel24 rear and motorcycle carriers are individually designed and built to suit the vehicle and the intended use, with the required payload.

The electric height adjustment of the motorcycle carriers allows comfortable loading and unloading. Rear carriers can be customized to the appropriate application through winches and cable pulls.

Heavy-duty roof rack


Our heavy-duty roof rack handles the safe transport of loads. To achieve the high load capacity of 150 kg, the roof rack is attached to the supporting structure of the cab in several spots. Due to the resulting space above the cab roof, the 4wheel24 heavy-duty roof rack even acts as a tropical roof. This has a positive effect on the temperature in the cab, especially on hot days.

The integrated branch deflectors protect the cab from violent impacts. Optionally, you can order the roof rack with an integrated LED light bar or with 4 mounted LED headlights. 

  • Galvanized steel and aluminum checker plate construction
  • Tropical roof function
  • Integrated branch deflectors
  • Integrated 50" slimline LED lightbar
    Spot with 10° beam angle
  • 4 round LED spotlights
    Combo spot | floodlight
  • Maximum load 150 kg

Storage boxes


Our storage boxes are convenient helpers, regardless of whether they are only accessible from the outside or optimally also from the inside. The size and positioning can be determined individually.


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