Inspection & rebuilding:

The rejuvenating cure for your base vehicle


If the decision has been made in favor of a used base vehicle from an older series, the first step is to remove all old attachments and superstructures as well as any control technology. If necessary, the next step is to shorten or lengthen the driver's cab.

Subsequently, all our base vehicles undergo at least the following work:

  • Change of all operating fluids, filters and V-belts
  • Regeneration of the brake system
  • Revision of the fuel injection system
  • Painting of the cab exterior in RAL color
  • Painting of the visible body parts inside the cab in black color

Depending on the vehicle, further work may be necessary, e.g. closing the bumper or reconditioning of e.g. mirrors, mudguards or radiator grill.

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Engine optimization


With many vehicle models, engine optimization is possible and also useful. Our main focus when optimizing the engine is not on the greatest possible increase in power, but rather on:

  • Smooth running of the motor
  • Increase of the torque especially in the lower and middle speed range
  • Reduction of fuel consumption

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