Chassis optimization


Standard suspension components are often insufficient to meet the requirements of an expedition truck in terms of ground clearance, off-road capability and travel comfort. We not only optimize the suspension of your vehicle according to technical considerations, but also take into account the planned usage of your overland motorhome.

If additional ground clearance is required or space is needed for larger tires, the chassis is often raised. An expedition vehicle with a raised chassis and matching tires can also be desired simply for visual reasons.

4wheel24 shock absorbers “Professional”


  • Shock absorbers with twin-tube system
  • Increased rebound compared to standard shock absorbers
  • Made in Germany


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4wheel24 shock absorbers “Ground Select”

  • For Iveco 90-16
  • Adaptive shock absorbers with digital controller
  • Conveniently adjustable from the cab
  • The ideal response for every surface
  • Freely programmable damping ratio
  • Three memory settings for road, track and off-road


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