Entry options: Platform vs. ladder


The decision between an entry platform or a ladder is a very personal one.

A platform has advantages in terms of comfort, but its use is slightly more complex than a ladder with simple steps.

Our customers weigh the pros and cons together with us and take their own travel situation into account: Who exactly will be traveling – will children and pets come along? Is there a step-through from the cab to the cabin? What are the planned destinations?

Our enry platforms have been repeatedly optimized in recent years and tirelessly withstand vibration, snow, ice and sand.

Entry chains

Almost every expedition vehicle from 4wheel24 comes with entry chains below the driver and passenger side doors.

Entry chains are available in different designs. They provide a comfortable entrance height without worsening the approach angle of the vehicle. When in contact with the ground, they simply fold away to the rear.

The installation kit differs depending on the design of the various vehicle models and must be individually adapted to the vehicle type.

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