Tire pressure control systems


The correct tire pressure plays an important role not only on asphalt. Especially off the road, you should always adjust the tire pressure of your expedition vehicle to the surface you are driving on. This will not only increase traction, but also driving safety. At the same time, tire wear and fuel consumption are reduced. This is because lowering the tire pressure during off-road driving increases the contact area of the tire. The increased contact area improves traction by up to 100%, which provides significantly improved propulsion, especially on sand, mud and snow.

Your benefits of an adjusted tire pressure:

  • Up to 100% more traction!
  • Self-release from a stuck position
  • Less tire damage
  • High self-cleaning of the tire tread
  • Less ground compaction (increased protection of the ground)
  • Driving on snow/mud without snow chains tire pressure regulation systems


STIS is a system that has been tried and tested for many years. It allows the user to adjust the tire pressure while the vehicle is stationary. After coupling the spiral hoses, the driver does not need to monitor the pressure adjustment process. The system stops the process automatically as soon as the desired pressure is reached.

STIS is based on a plug-in coupling system permanently attached to the vehicle; it can be operated with the vehicle's own air brake system or, in the case of off-road vehicles, with a powerful compressor system such as the AIR SUPPLY K120 from, so that the tire pressure can be adjusted anywhere. The control unit operates purely pneumatically and guarantees trouble-free operation at all times, even under the toughest operating conditions.


  • Precise tire pressure adjustment while stationary
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Simultaneous adjustment of tire pressure in all wheels
  • Inflation/deflation process ends automatically
  • Can be retrofitted to all types of vehicles


We only sell tire pressure control systems in connection with installation orders, as installation by non-professionals is not recommended. tire valve

The screw-on tire valve enables fast and uncomplicated tire pressure adjustment with the STIS tire pressure control system. Thanks to the larger cross-section, the tire can be deflated and inflated up to 8 times faster. Easy handling thanks to quick coupling.

All wheels at the same time

Simultaneous inflation or deflation of all wheels is not only convenient, but also gives you a considerable time advantage.

100% pneumatic tire pressure control systems operate 100% pneumatically without any electronics. This makes the systems very robust and virtually maintenance-free.

STIS stageless 1|1

The STIS stageless 1|1 allows the user to increase or reduce the tire pressure of all tires by means of a rotary knob. The control unit regulates the pressure simultaneously in all connected tires and stops the adjustment process automatically when the correct tire pressure has been reached. The pressure gauge always shows the current tire pressure in the connected tires.


STIS stageless c 1|1

The STIS stageless c 1|1 has the same functionality as the STIS stageless 1|1, the only difference being the size. The external main control valve makes this control unit more compact, making it ideal for smaller vehicles with limited space.

Optionally available with Air Supply K120 compressor system.

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